A Critical Evaluation of the Theories of Punishment


  • Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Adnan
  • Dr. Shaukat Hussain Bhatti
  • Tauseef Adeel Hassan


Criminal Law, Theories of Punishment, Deterrent theory, Critical Approach


Punishment  is  the  suggestion  to  propose  effect  upon  the  person doing  wrong  for  his  sin.    It  is  projected  as  it  is  decisively scheduled,  and  it  is  a  liability  as  it  has  a  sense  of  anguish.    The primary  purpose  of  this  writing  is  to  see  and  study  the  different theories   of   punishment   through   an   eagle-eye   view.      Before intruding into the further details at first stance, I shall ink here the three   ideas   of   punishment   which   are   a   deterrent   theory   of punishment,  retributive  theory  of  punishment  and  reformative theory  of  punishment;  and  after  I  shall  see  these  theories  one  by one  to  evaluate  them  critically  because  each  of  them  has  its peculiar importance, benefits, and drawbacks.




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