Effects of Environmental Changes on Human Health (An Anthropological Study of Multan City)


  • Muhammad Yasir Malik
  • Iqra Mazhar
  • Muhammad Shakir
  • Owais Kareem


Environmental changes, Human Health, Diseases, Causes and Effects


Environmental  changes  are  considered  to  be  among  the  main problems  of  the  world.  There  are  some  anthropogenic  activities that   human   beings   perform   and   that   cause   changes   in   the environment which adversely puts effect human health in the form of  diseases.  The  main  focus  of  present  study  is  on  effect  of environmental changes human health and anthropological study of Multan city. The core objective of this research was to find out the environmental effects on the human health and their surroundings due  to  environmental  changes  and  explore  the  perception  of causes, mechanism and its effects on the life of the individual. This study  also  includes  the  recommendations,  how  human  health  was affected  by  the  environmental  changes.  The  present  research examined the social economic and cultural effects associated with the  environmental  changes  on  human  health.  In  this  case  study, both quantitative and qualitative approaches were used. The data was  conducted  from  population  between  20  to  60  years  old  and selected  sample  was  100  male  and  female  respondents  of  Multan city. For the purpose of the current research, data was conducted through   questionnaire   and   case   study   method   and   informal discussion  and  observations.  The  major  findings  of  the  research are  environmental  issues  like  air,  noise  pollution  and  global warming.  This  piece  of  research  work  is  the  contribution  to  the Anthropological literature of Multan in the context of the effects of environmental change on human health




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Malik, M. Y., Mazhar, I. M., Muhammad Shakir, & Kareem, O. . (2022). Effects of Environmental Changes on Human Health (An Anthropological Study of Multan City). Zakariya Journal of Social Science, 1(1), 15–22. Retrieved from https://journals.airsd.org/index.php/zjss/article/view/44