Negative Psychological Impact of Social Media on Youth


  • Eaman Alavi



Social Media, Internet, Psychological, Youth


Social media has made a significant role in the life of every human but the most affected and vulnerable to it is youth. As most of the time of youth has been taken up by the internet as they seem to be glued to the internet. No one can suggest time limit to them as internet is more common usage among youth. The value of anything can be considered by the purposes it serves. Social media has a vital role in the society but its negative impact on the youth cannot be denied. Excessive use of internet leads to psychological disorders among them which further affect their physical development, sexuality and identity. The use of internet and social media has isolated youth and had great impact on their nerves and brought a drastic change in the lifestyle of youth both positive and negative. In this paper we will be discussing the negative physiological impact of social media on youth. Spending more than half of the day on the social media is surely causing effect on them. Global Web Index published a report in 2018 stated that average youth spends average three hours on social media each day, according to them spending more than three hours per day leads to high risk of psychological problems.




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