The Phonological Process in the Plurality of Pashto Nouns


  • Nabila Khan
  • Shakir Ullah
  • Noor Ur Rahim


Pashto, Yousafzai dialect, noun pluralization, linguistic complexity


This research aims to provide a comprehensive representation of the intricate phonological processes involved in Pashto noun pluralization. The study focuses on identifying these phonological processes, examining the patterns of plural formation, and understanding their implications for Pashto's phonological structure. To obtain the objectives of the study, the researchers collected the data from the native speakers of Pashto especially joined the elders. Along with this, the data were collected from Pashto books, magazines and dictionaries followed by the discussion of experts. The finding of the study showed that Pashto carries complicated pluralization of noun phonologically. It revealed that there are nouns having single pattern, two patterns, three patterns, four patterns and some nouns even don’t carry plural form. This complexity underscores Pashto's versatility conveying precise meanings and contextual differences through diverse pluralization forms, distinguishing it from other languages.




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