Analyzing pre and post Israel Anti-Zionism in the Backdrop of Road to Mecca and Journey into Europe


  • Iqra Shaheen
  • Khalil Ahmad
  • Dr. Aamir Shehzad



Anti-zionism, anti-semitism, intertextuality, islamophobia, radicalization


This study underscores analytical interrelationship of prejudiced West based upon economic, political and territorial biases which affects Jews as well as Muslim world in different genres. The study entails intertextuality between Akbar S. Ahmed’s Journey into Europe and M. Asad’s Road to Macca and compares Ibn Khauldunian tribalism that bedunis are inheritors of a very ancient civilization to Webarian colonism. It keeps its focus that politically, historically as well as post structurally each text is an intersection of other texts. The writing’s purpose is to touch the ground roots of Arab civilization and it also highlights Western contribution to territorial conflicts between Arab and Israel. The Jewish enmity in general and more specifically the Western biased attitude against Palestinians can be analyzed under the paradigm of Anti-Semitism in a befitting manner as well as to clarify that Arab Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism are two different ideologies. This study signifies the role of Saud Bin Abdul Aziz (1953-1964) and his successor Shah Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz (1964-1975) against Israel and compares it with the Western plotted Crown prince M. Bin Salman (2017-so on) implementing theory of asabiyyah. It is also highlighted that in present times the uprising anti-American feelings among Muslims are due to the unjust and unlawful migration of Jews to Arab and biased territorial division of Palestine. The targeted Muslims in the West are prejudiced just for having Muslim identity and the ratio of attacks on Muslim mosques increased after 9/11. Psychologically, socio-culturally, socio-politically and socio-religiously, this historical study examines the ideology of the Muslim world that gives new identity and direction to the West as well as their misconceptions.




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Iqra Shaheen, Khalil Ahmad, & Dr. Aamir Shehzad. (2023). Analyzing pre and post Israel Anti-Zionism in the Backdrop of Road to Mecca and Journey into Europe. Panacea Journal of Linguistics & Literature, 2(2), 157–168.