The Role of Language in Shaping Individual Identities: A Case Study of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad


  • Farah Naz Abbasi
  • Ali Bux Khoso
  • Iram Soomro


Language, Individual identities, constructed identities, Indigenous Languages


Language assumes main role in forming individual identities and in recognizing how one group is unique in relation to a different group. Though a gathering might separate itself by its ethnic and cultural types, the sort of dress its individuals wear, for their nourishment, the houses they manufacture or the gathering's, tattoos, symbols and explicit observes, the language divides individuals generally unequivocally. This paper investigated the power of language in building individual identities at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Benazirabad context with an attention on how individuals tend to prioritize languages other than their indigenous ones to shape their identity. A very fundamental territories of this investigation were the means by which language and various factors (social, employment, economic empowerment, Educational, global discourse, success in life) are answerable for making individual identities. Data were collected from a sample of 50 students using a mixed method, because of nature of the study, data were gathered through questionnaire and open ended questions from 8 respondents to get in-depth understanding about the individual identities. The findings of this study reveals that the manner in which individuals communicate in multi languages in various settings reveal their individual identity. This study was a comprehension of the power of language in developing and constructing identities. The findings indicated that individuals' use of multiple languages in various situations is a reflection of their unique personal identity. Consequently, this study has the potential to establish a basis for comprehending the significance of language in shaping individual identities. Moreover, findings suggest that even though they love their native languages but due to different reasons they gave preferences to English and Urdu which are dominant languages in Pakistan.




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