A Critique of Structural Binary Oppositions in Elif Shafak’s The Forty Rules of Love


  • Mah Roona
  • Shahbaz Ali Khan




Binary Oppositions, Elf ShafaK, Interpretation of Dreams, Materialism, Structuralism, Sufiism, The Forty Rules of Love


In this research researcher opt The Forty Rules of Love by Elf Shafak. This novel belongs to the genre of Sufiism. An in-depth of the novel allow researcher to find binaries out of this literary test. The researcher also seeks the meanings reflected out of these binary oppositions. In the net shell researcher explore the ideology of structuralism by Ferdinand de Saussure in the novel. The researcher by the work claim that binary oppositions are universal and they provide meaning to their structure. By the close reading of the test researcher conclude that Elf Shafak produce the binaries like east vs west, past vs present, rigidness of character vs flexibility in character and more decently love and spirituality vs materialism. By this entire analysis researcher meet the result that the novel provides to folds of life. It is what the Sufiism. Sufiism is not only associated with white cloth and beard on the face, it is concerned with the internal peace. As one show sophistication in his physical appearance similarly he must contain sophistication in his inner too. The binaries present in the construction of novel create the meaning that it is a best example Sufiism.




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Mah Roona, & Shahbaz Ali Khan. (2023). A Critique of Structural Binary Oppositions in Elif Shafak’s The Forty Rules of Love. Panacea Journal of Linguistics & Literature, 1(1), 45–52. https://doi.org/10.59075/pjll.v1i1.137