A Feminist Stylistic Analysis of Aysha Baqir’s Beyond the Fields


  • Shagufta Kanwal




Feminism, Gender Stereotyping, Sara Mills, Sexism, Stylistics


Women have been the victim of gender stereotyping and gender discrimination since decades. They are fighting to have the recognition of their worthy identity under the movement of feminism across the globe. The present study has the motive to highlight this issue through the stylistic analysis of the novel, Beyond The Fields by Aysha Baqir. Feminism and Stylistics are two different fields but the term was coined by Sara Mills in her book feministic stylistics. Sara Mills’s model of three level analysis has been applied to portray and reflect the gender stereotyping present in typical Pakistani society. The application is done at word level, phrase and sentence level and discourse level respectively. The analysis reveals that gender stereotyping is present in typical mindset of rural community. For this stereotyping, sexism is adopted towards the female gender and the model analyses this through the structure of linguistic patterns. The study opens the minds towards certain enlightment to break the manacles of gender stereotyping and gender discrimination through the mode of education to lit the dark minds.




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Shagufta Kanwal. (2023). A Feminist Stylistic Analysis of Aysha Baqir’s Beyond the Fields. Panacea Journal of Linguistics & Literature, 1(1), 32–44. https://doi.org/10.59075/pjll.v1i1.136