Exploring the Effect of China's Belt and Road Initiative on Asian Countries' Export Strategies


  • Akriti Kumari
  • Nasif Ahmed


Belt and Road Initiative, BRI, Export strategies, Asian countries, Infrastructure development, Trade cooperation


This research paper aims to investigate the impact of China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on the export strategies of Asian countries. The BRI, introduced by China, is a vast infrastructure and connectivity project aimed at enhancing trade and economic cooperation across Asia, Europe, and Africa. This study seeks to explore how BRI has influenced the export strategies of Asian countries, including the opportunities, challenges, and potential outcomes. The research employs a qualitative approach, combining interviews with key stakeholders, analysis of secondary data, and a review of existing literature. The findings shed light on the role of BRI in shaping export strategies, the sectors most affected, and the implications for Asian countries' economic growth and international trade.




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Akriti Kumari, & Nasif Ahmed. (2024). Exploring the Effect of China’s Belt and Road Initiative on Asian Countries’ Export Strategies. Pakistan Journal of Multidisciplinary Innovation, 2(2), 1–10. Retrieved from https://journals.airsd.org/index.php/pjmi/article/view/322