The Implication of E-commerce: Emerging Markets in Post-Covid Era


  • Akriti Kumari
  • Nasif Ahmed


E-commerce, emerging markets, Internet, global economy, Post Covid 19


The  process  of  buying  and  selling  via  internet  platforms  is referred   to   as   E-commerce.   E-commerce   has   become   a worldwide  trend  in  recent  years.  People  from  all  around  the world have begun to purchase things online. Mobile commerce, money  transfer,  inventory  management,  and  other  aspects  of electronic commerce are included. With only a few clicks, anyone can send anything to anyone, whether it's money or presents. In the   future,   electronic   commerce   might   have   a   significant economic  impact.  Internet  business  will  permanently  alter  the face  of  business.  Furthermore,  in  the  twenty-first  century,  E-commerce will transform banking. E-commerce has had a wide range  of  effects  on  the  increasing  global  economy.  First  and foremost,   it  has  impacted  information  technology  and  all commercial  segments;  above  all,  E-commerce  has  boosted global production growth and its impact are too high. They are able to determine the number of professionals needed to develop their  country's  knowledge  economy,  as  well  as  compute  the quantity  of  investment  required  to  provide  businesses  with internet access. Some benefits are now in a position to compare their economies to those of their international competitors, and there are numerous ways to boost productivity growth in present emerging markets.




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