Narrative Analysis of the Short Story the Nightingale and the Rose


  • Aqsa Soomro
  • Saba Sethar


Victorian England, materialism, selfless sacrifice, human values and class-based disparities


The study is about a story well known short story called “The Nightingale and the Rose” by Oscar Wilde. The story tries to understand how Wilde wrote and what make it so effectual. The story breaks into parts using Roland Barthes five codes and described how Oscar created the scenario of the story .Let’s shed light on the story and see what is interesting in it. Let’s figure out how story works. The Roland Barthes model of five codes described further in my article and using these codes I will further shed light on my story. Touched by the desperation of story, the nightingale and the rose resolves to believe in the purity of love .The Nightingale and the Rose serves as the timeless reminder of such heartfelt sacrifices. The sacrifice of Nightingale considered as the selfless sacrifice within the story. The red rose provide the student to move ahead but the woman considers jewels more expensive than rose she rejects both the student and red rose . The discontented student throws the red rose in to the gutter because he was guilty. Through this story author shows the disparities of Victorian society where love often depended on materialistic things in society.




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