Spatial Distribution of Abattoirs in Kano State, Nigeria


  • Ahmad Said Abubakar
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Maigari
  • Sulaiman Yunus
  • Nura Isyaku Bello


Abattoirs, Spatial Distribution, Central Place Theory


The average meat production is on going up approximately by 2%annually. The aim of this study was to examine spatial distribution of abattoirs in Kano state, Nigeria. Two-Mixed approach of quantitative and qualitative was employed. Two sampling technique was used to sample 44abattoirs and 44traditional head of butchers (Sarakunan-Pawa) and chairperson of butchers’ association. This research used statistical tools, frequency count analysis for data analysis and presentation. Findings of this research revealed that there are 50 abattoirs distributed in 34. The spatial distribution of these abattoirs is unevenly and located closed to geographical factors. The main factors of spatial distribution of these abattoirs are population and demand, road accessibility, direction flow of wind and so on. This research concluded that large abattoirs are located in metropolitan local government areas while small abattoirs are situated in non- metropolitan local government areas. It is recommended that abattoir should compliance with urban and regional planning as well as other environmental agencies’ laws and policies through fine and/or imprisonment on those contravene setting abattoirs not in appropriate location.




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Ahmad Said Abubakar, Ahmed Ibrahim Maigari, Sulaiman Yunus, & Nura Isyaku Bello. (2024). Spatial Distribution of Abattoirs in Kano State, Nigeria. Pakistan Journal of Multidisciplinary Innovation, 2(2), 11–31. Retrieved from