Investigating Waste Management Practice in Abua/Odual Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria


  • Stewart S. OWUKIO
  • Michael U. Didia
  • WALTERS Dibuo Namasi



Waste, Management, Environment, Disposal, Practice


Waste management is a major challenge for environmental groups working in poor countries. In this research, we examine the methods used for and problems encountered with waste management in Abua/Odual LGA, Rivers State, Nigeria. The administration of Abua/waste Odual has several challenges as a result of inadequate resources, including financing, infrastructure, treatment facilities, and equipment for garbage collection. Both primary and secondary sources were utilised to compile the data for this analysis. In all, 100 questionnaires were sent to collect primary data. People living in the randomly selected houses were the intended participants. From among the sixty localities in the research region, ten were randomly selected to receive questionnaires representing the residential population. Ninety[1]five completed surveys were gathered for evaluation. Study findings revealed an absence of proper waste management procedures and a dearth of trash disposal facilities in the region under investigation. The empirical results of this research suggest that the waste management techniques used in the examined region, such as the use of dustbins, buckets, plastics, bags, and other containers, may be used in modern Nigerian cities. In order to reduce trash production, the research suggested promoting waste recycling. Increasing plastics use, for instance, calls for more petroleum, which has both economic and environmental consequences.




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Stewart S. OWUKIO, Michael U. Didia, & WALTERS Dibuo Namasi. (2023). Investigating Waste Management Practice in Abua/Odual Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria. Pakistan Journal of Multidisciplinary Innovation, 1(2), 44–69.