The Impact of Social Vices and the Effects of Covid-19 in the Entrepreneurship Education in Nigeria


  • Abubakar Habibu



Npower, Insurgencies, Ebola Diseases, Covid-19, Kidnappers


The abstract research was concerned in the general summaries of the whole tasks. First, the background of the study which consists the effects of social vices in Nigeria and the causes such as death, hunger, poverty, inflations, unemployment, kidnapping, battles, insurgencies, famine etc. Then followed by the effect of covid19 which spread globally in the whole world. Such as locked down, economic recession, famine, death, thefts, insurgences, murders etc. The third social vices affecting entrepreneurship such as fuel hikes was too cost in Nigeria and it stopped everything and affected every sectors in the economy, the Ebola disease could killed immediately, the Lassa fever, the bird flu, monkey pose etc. insecurity such as disturbances, burglaries, kidnappers, thurggeries, secrete cults, Russian and Ukraine crises, fire outbreak in some states in America which burn everything, lack of welfare assistance, human trafficking, corruptions, workers strikes etc. I identifying the problems such as most of the problems was from us causes while others by God as test and punishments and examinations in other to correct our tasks and behaviours, it is set up and intentionally, governments hands interventions and other nations, business organizations, contracts, free masonic, it is faked, bullying, deceiving, wickedness, indiscipline, exploitation, cheatings, oppresses, dishonesty, distrust, looting money and taking it abroad, tribalism etc. Ways of combating such social vices like American Psychology Association (APA), Spreading facts, promote ethical journalism, breath, followed the rules and regulations and careful, Trauma Informed Care (TIC), Safety. Recommendations by using Islamic Constitutions, laws, trust, equality, free education, free health, free social services, honesty, discipline, respect, avoid selfishness, added the value of money in general, increasing salaries, good leadership, creation of more states, local government, open essential higher institution, support and background by federal government, interest, attention, administrations, ruled, cooperation, farming, vocational and technical occupations, self-reliance, NGOs, world banks, SMEs, ECOWAS, Npower, loans, fulfilled promised, all are the signing and symptoms of the last days etc.




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Abubakar Habibu. (2023). The Impact of Social Vices and the Effects of Covid-19 in the Entrepreneurship Education in Nigeria. Pakistan Journal of Multidisciplinary Innovation, 1(2), 1–8.