How to Improve Productivity through a Goal-Oriented Approach?


  • Waqar Ali
  • Waqas Ali


goal orientation and performance, quantitative Individual, semi-structured interviews


Background:    The    traditional    management    procedures    of organisations  fail  to  impart  the  motivation  among  employees  to exceed  their  productive  capacities  in  today's  information-based work mode environment. In this regard, the goal orientation theory proposes  that  individuals  pursue  two  unique  types  of  objectives, namely, learning and performance goals. The relationship between goal orientation and performance in various organisational contexts has been studied extensively. Method:   The   recent   study   was   conducted   by   following   the procedures  of  interpretivism  and  inductive  approach.  Qualitative research was carried out to gather data from various human views and perspectives such that semi-structured interviews were carried out to examine the role of goal-oriented approach for productivity. Convenience  sampling  was  used  to  conduct  interviews  from  10 managers and the data was analysed using the method of thematic analysis. Findings:  According  to  the  findings  of  the  study,  a  goal-oriented strategy is seen to be one that only focuses on matching business goals  with  individual  ambitions.  Furthermore,  it  should  be  noted that not everyone is in favour of employing this strategy if it is not mandated    by    the    organisation.    Employee's    productivity    is inextricably  linked  to  their  goal  orientation.  Employees  that  are oriented on a certain goal develop tunnel vision, which is good for avoiding hyper-fixation on problems. Individual learning motivation is commonly used to students in terms of creating short-term and long-term goals. Recommendations  for  Further  Research:  In  the  future,  it  is suggested that the researcher do research employing a quantitative analytic technique. Furthermore, data gathering in the future can be done in numerical format, allowing for surveys of a large population with  findings  presented  in  the  form  of  tables  and  figures.  The researcher  should  also  do  a  comparison  examination  of  the  two organisations that utilise goal-oriented techniques.




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