Effect of Consumers’ Environmental Consciousness and Environmental Friendliness on Brand Preference


  • Waqar Ali
  • Waqas Ali


Consumer environmental conscieousness, Branch awareness, consumer behavior, enviornmental friendliness on brand preference, branch managment


Background:  There  has  been  growing  interest  among  consumer regarding  the  environment.  The  modern  consumer  is  increasingly concerned toward the environment and tend to acquire product that are  environmentally  friendly.  It  is  important  for  the  brand  to determine  which  of  the  factors  stimulate  the  consumer  toward acquisition of environmentally friendly products.  Aim:  The  aim  of  the  current  paper  is  to  analyse  the  influence  of consumer  environmental  consciousness  and  the  environmental friendliness over the brand preference.  Method: In order to attain the research aim, the paper has utilised quantitative  and  deductive  approach.  The  data  was  collected through primary sources i.e., survey. The survey was conducted on 100   consumer   through   convenience   sampling.   The   data   was analysed    through    correlation,    regression,    descriptive    and demographic analysis.  Findings:  The  findings  of  the  study  revealed  that  there  exists significant  correlation  between  environmental  friendliness  and consciousness with brand preference. While, the regression analysis revealed  that  there  exist  significant  influence  of  environmental consciousness and environmental friendliness over the preference of the brand.




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