Evaluating Public and Private Transport of Lahore


  • Rahat Iqbal
  • Muhammad Urfan Ullah
  • Ghulam Habib
  • Muhammad Kaleem Ullah




directorship, Urbanization, GDP


Increase in population is a dominant problem that is taking place throughout the whole world and its main cause is rapid urbanizations. Urbanized growth, consequently, has led to a higher number of motorized vehicles, because of which there has been a considerable increase in the number of traffic volume in the recent years. The existing road capacity and level of service does not fully cater the present traffic and transportation needs of commuters. Urban transportation concerns are hampering the growth of sustainable transportation system across the country. Along with the provision of fixed route service, an integrated transit system with this service is the need of a community. The design of the research includes the selection of case study area that is Lahore. The systemized means that has been adopted for accomplishing the objectives of the study conducted include topic selection, comprehensive literature review in context of local along with international scenario, data collection which includes both primary and secondary, data analysis using Excel and SPSS software, data interpretation and laying down suitable proposals. Report writing is being carried out side by side with all other tasks. The major outcomes of the study is by improving the security of public transport and management of public transport the preference of people to use public transport will increases. Also the cleanliness and level of service of public transport will improve then the preference to use public transport will increase. The solution that research recommended for Lahore city is one that has been locally designed to meet the majority's problems, as the solution should be low-cost, environmentally sustainable, and responsive to the social demands of the local people.




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Rahat Iqbal, Muhammad Urfan Ullah, Ghulam Habib, & Muhammad Kaleem Ullah. (2022). Evaluating Public and Private Transport of Lahore. Journal of Economics, Management & Business Administration, 1(2), 45–63. https://doi.org/10.59075/jemba.v1i2.121