Herbicide Strategies for Effective Weed Eradication in Maize Crop


  • Rima Bibi
  • Abdul Fateh Soomro
  • Nisar Ahmad Soomro
  • Khalil Ahmed Solangi


In this research endeavor, we delve into the intricate domain of weed management within maize crop cultivation, undertaking a systematic exploration of herbicide strategies. The study examines the efficacy of atrazine, paraquat, glyphosate, pendimethalin, and a control group, meticulously evaluating their impact on crucial parameters— specifically, weed population, plant height, grain yield, biomass yield, and straw yield. Through meticulously designed field trials and systematic analyses, the study aims to elucidate the nuanced interactions between herbicide applications and the specified parameters. The findings are anticipated to contribute valuable insights into optimizing herbicide strategies, offering practical guidance for farmers and agronomists striving to strike the delicate balance between effective weed eradication and sustainable maize crop cultivation practices.




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Rima Bibi, Abdul Fateh Soomro, Nisar Ahmad Soomro, & Khalil Ahmed Solangi. (2024). Herbicide Strategies for Effective Weed Eradication in Maize Crop. Indus Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 2(2), 32–39. Retrieved from https://journals.airsd.org/index.php/ijab/article/view/339