Unveiling the Transformative Impact of Organic Amendments on Soil Physical Properties


  • Muhammad Arshad
  • Muhammad Mansoor


Organic amendments, Soil physical properties, Transformative impact, Unveiling, Soil health


This study investigates the transformative impact of organic amendments on critical soil physical properties through a controlled incubation study. Employing compost, peat, farm manure, crop residues, and a no-amendment treatment as distinct variables, we systematically analyze alterations in bulk density, porosity, water retention, soil strength, and texture. The incubation study, designed to simulate real-world soil conditions, provides a comprehensive understanding of how these organic amendments influence key aspects of soil structure and function over time. Our findings illuminate the nuanced dynamics between each amendment and the targeted soil physical properties, revealing potential pathways for enhancing soil resilience, nutrient availability, and water management. This research not only contributes to the scientific understanding of organic amendments' effects but also provides practical insights for sustainable agricultural practices, guiding efforts to optimize soil conditions for improved crop productivity and environmental sustainability.




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Muhammad Arshad, & Muhammad Mansoor. (2024). Unveiling the Transformative Impact of Organic Amendments on Soil Physical Properties. Indus Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 2(2), 16–22. Retrieved from https://journals.airsd.org/index.php/ijab/article/view/337