Psychosocial Workplace Design Factors and Its Relationship with Teachers’ Performance at Secondary Level


  • Huma Khalid


Psychosocial workplace design factors, secondary school, teachers performance


Teachers’  performance  in  their  school  settings  are  directly  link with  many  factors  which  may  increase  their  job  performance  or have  a  negative  effects  on  teaching  and  learning  process.This research  was  specially  designed  to  find  the  correlation  between psychosocial workplace design factors and teachers’ performance at  secondary  level.  It  was  supposed  that  there  is  a  significant relation  between  psychosocial  factors  (support  from  supervisor, role  congruity,  leadership  style)  and  secondary  school  teachers’ performance. 231 secondary school teachers and 33 head teachers were taken as a sample of for study for data collection. The study was  descriptive  in  nature  and  data  was  collected  by  survey research   method.   After   collection   of   data,   Pearson   Product Moment  Correlation  technique  was  applied  to  identifying  the correlation  between  psychosocial  workplace  design  factors  and teachers’ performance. Two types of questionnaires were used for this  research;  first  was  psychosocial  workplace  design  factors questionnaire which was filled by the class teachers and other was filled by the head of school for study the teachers’ performance at their  work.  The   research  results  showed  that  there  was  no significant correlation between psychosocial factors and teachers’ performance. Teachers’ performances in their jobs do not affected by  any  psychosocial  factors.  On  the  behalf  of  these  finding  it  is recommended that this type of study further carry on different level of  education  (elementary,  high  secondary  and  university  level)  to confirm  the  correlation  between  psychosocial  workplace  design factors and teachers’ performance. 




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