Public Good in Philanthropic Behavior: Associations and Location


  • Sohail Zafar
  • Daniela Andren
  • Per Sandin


philanthropic, behaviour, association


It’s a wide spread activity of private giving on public purposes by individuals foundations and corporations. Gift giving scholarship on philanthropy whereas gift is itself an altruism. Scholarship in public economics, human resource development, econometric finance, consumer behaviour, divine economics and economics of religiosity, for economists, believers in economics. More recently economists are taking interest in philanthropic behaviour and have made distinguished contribution draw attention of public economists. This include through understanding of micro and macro factors directly taking part in philanthropic behavior. The specification of public and private interests to shape the direction and consequences of philanthropic behavior. Apparently for several disciplines of economics the individual philanthropic behaviour and motivation for the behavior are at least to some extent universal, there is strong evidence for people across the world do not equally display this behaviour in each discipline being away from religiosity. In this study we shall shed light on public entities in universal perspective on philanthropy. Macro level study of philanthropy is underdeveloped, due to three problems. First intrinsic to the study of philanthropic behaviour, location, geographic orientation and religiosity. As initial step on philanthropic behavior across different cultures, religion is taking part in public and private good more towards policy and attainment of welfare.




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