Nexus between Carbon emission per capita and Urbanization


  • Muhammad Taqi
  • Farah Zainab
  • Sania Anwar
  • Aneeqa Zia


CO2 Emission, Urbanization, GDP


The effects of urbanization on global warming are substantial. Several carbon accounting methods have been proposed to identify which municipalities should make mitigation efforts, but none of them have gained widespread acceptance. Six major cities in Japan are chosen, and their per capita CO2 emissions between 1982 and 2021 are identified and compared using a method based on four system boundaries. The overall rate of increase in CO2 emissions from the transportation sector was 9% per year between 1990 and 2008, and the rate of increase in CO2 emissions from road transportation alone was even higher at 2.6% per year. According to Stern's 2007 prediction, global transportation-related CO2 emissions will more than triple by 2050. According to the results, there are the relationships within geographical indicators of urban form and sectorial CO2 emissions for both the passenger and residential transportation sectors.




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Muhammad Taqi, Farah Zainab, Sania Anwar, & Aneeqa Zia. (2023). Nexus between Carbon emission per capita and Urbanization. Journal of Economics, Management & Business Administration, 1(2), 15–26. Retrieved from