Employee Excitement if not spell bound a boon to Employer


  • Dr. Pallavi
  • Dr. Sai Ganesh
  • Dr. Ghousia Khatoon


Employee Excitement, Work Environment, Work place fun, Employee retention


Purpose: The main purpose of this research is to analyze the perception of employees on workplace environment, to identify the factors influencing excitement, to determine how work place fun and excitement plays an important role in attracting, retaining and developing competent employees and to find the relationship between workplace environment and employee excitement. Theoretical Framework: Transition demands for quality and quality is reliant on employee, employee’s work quality improves only when the employees are satisfied, the satisfaction fabricates excitement. Exodus of talent and plummeting is possible through intrinsic motivation. What makes employees excited is one of the famished areas to be balkanized. So, employee excitement is to be erudite. Existing scenario display that limiting situations for employee excitement prevail when vision is not discussed with employees, Lack of clarity in career development, unripe discussions of values, ethics and penchant engagement reviews. Incisive study spouts that excited employee’s display emotional bonding, cohesiveness and belongingness. Excited employees need not be retained as it is innate. Commitment and self-actualization are sheer. Design/Methodology/Approach: In this study, we use a deductive approach, in which the hypotheses are tested by collecting information from IT employees located at Bengaluru city to assess the employee excitement in 2023. Quantitative data is collected through self-designed questionnaire administered to IT sector employees. Questionnaire was prepared by researchers using the factors from literature review. Snow ball sampling method was adopted for selection of respondents with the criteria of minimum two years of experience in the same company. Findings: Overall results shows that employee satisfaction, production, engagement, commitment, influence are some of the components identified as affecting the quality of work life resulting to disrupted work life balance. Resources provided have seldom effect on the success of any organization. Not to be the square peg in the round hole is the wave of revolution. Healthy work environment and employee excitement are the two highest accolade for quality production. Walk the talk, setting of realistic objectives; ensure that every employee is on board. Banners, buttons, and other promotional materials are to be circulated to ensure that the change is on every employee's mind. Research, Practical and Social Implications: This study not only helps to fill the gap in the literature review on this topic, but also serves as an important factor reflecting the quality of work life. Originality/Value: This study focuses on exhibiting the importance of excitement at work, which not only helps in having a healthy work environment and also works a stress buster at work place.




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