An Examination of CSR's role in Fostering Organizational Commitment and Employee Performance


  • Muhammad Aqib Shafiq
  • Asghar Hayat
  • Hassan Ali
  • Salman Mehmood



The study aims to identify the inspiration of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in developing organizational commitment and employee performance. Data were collected from 281 employees of Pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan by a standardized survey questionnaire employing the random sample method. Corporate social responsibility, digitalization, organizational rewards, employee performance, and organizational commitment were the main variables of the investigation. The planned framework is examined empirically using a statistical package for the social science for demographics, reliability, descriptive, and correlation. Then confirmatory factor analysis was used to check model fit and validity, and the structural equation model was used for hypothesized model. Corporate social responsibility, digitalization, and organizational rewards positively impact employee performance by the mediating effect of organizational commitment. This examination contributes to a more profound comprehension of how employee performance can be influenced by the impact of corporate social responsibility via organizational commitment.




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Muhammad Aqib Shafiq, Asghar Hayat, Hassan Ali, & Salman Mehmood. (2023). An Examination of CSR’s role in Fostering Organizational Commitment and Employee Performance. Journal of Business and Environmental Management, 1(1), 63–78.